Saturday, January 2, 2010

Arguements and Frustration with a taste of Oil

So, positives of today?

1. Josh and I slept til 10. This is a first for a weekend in a longggg time.
2. FMIL called ONCE.
~That's right.
ONCEEE!!!! We were also at the Hobby Shop when she called, so guess what? Josh hung up on her. It was amazing. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.
3. The truck is
4. My friend Kelsea's fiance finally got off from restriction! I'm so happy for her (and Anthony!)!

Everything else from today?
The reason we slept til 10? The dogs kept Josh up until about 5am. Then again, DF didn't get home from "escaping from the house" because of our neighbors until 4am. And I was up until like 4am. Always fun. Always fun.

The reason my FMIL called? Apparently she needed to bitch someone out. So my phone's text message inbox took the beating instead.

(But I ended up turning my phone off--which I do
NOT suggest to anyone who has facebook text updates! I'm still getting the old ones from today!!!)

The truck got fixed... But, what was supposed to be a three minute replacing the rear wheel speed sensor turned into a 3 hour tearing the rear differential apart, draining the fluid, fishing the pieces of the old rear wheel speed sensor out of the DISGUSTING smelling differential fluid. Then cleaning the half of the differential cover, redoing the seal on the Diff, filling the differential with the EXPENSIVE ASS differential fluid, and then FINALLY mounting the new rear wheel speed sensor. Oh yea, and Josh did an oil change.

I'm happy though, my truck is so happy. :D Only one dash light on. And it's just because my windshield washer fluid is O-U-T. But it's okay, that's an easy fix. It just requires one of us ACTUALLY remembering to grab the fluid at the store one time. And then actually doing it. Haha, maybe I'll actually do it before Feb 28th when I need to have the truck inspected by. I'm hoping that if I don't, they won't fail the dang truck because of the light being on.

We got to go to our friends Jack and Lisa's. They have a two month old son, Tyler. Josh held him today for the second time. It almost kills me to see Josh holding him. Even though we've decided we don't want to have kids, at least not right now, that's what brings out the maternal side in me. Actually seeing Josh hold a baby, is very painful. Painful to know that Josh never wants to do that with a child of his own. Painful to think he'll never do that. But I guess right now, it's not that big of a deal. I'm 19. Josh is 20. And we've got other stuff we've got to take care of first.

I don't know exactly what else to say. Without coming across as a bitch.

Josh and I have had our fair share of arguements this year. Seems like we've had more arguements since New Years, than we've had the remainder of our relationship. I think some of it may have to do with the upcoming deployment this year. Knowing that now that it's 2010, we know what is happening in October. We know that at this point, it's most likely unavoidable. We're both irritated with the situation that's going on with his grandfather right now also. It's a hard situation for me to be in because there's absolutely nothing I can do. I can't change the way that Josh feels, I can't do anything to make the situation better. It is one of the few things in our relationship that I feel that I have no capability of changing. It's hard for Josh too because he's not home and he's used to being home and being able to take care of every situation and being able to protect his mother, grandmother, and grandfather from anything bad happening to anyone. Part of it is that for the past month basically, Josh and I haven't had any down time. We've had plans for just about every minute of every day from the moment he gets off from work until the moment we can think about sleep. It's things I want to change. It's things I'm hoping to change this year. Which leads me into the next blog...


mrsmonje said...

Hang in there girly! Deployments suck thats for darn sure, but learn from my mistake and dont argue over stupid stuff. Its not worth it and in the end it will just make you feel guilty. And up-side to deployment might be a way for his mom to let go and not be so co-dependent. And on the whole baby note, I dont think any man is ever ready for a baby lol!