Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolutions.

1. Lose weight. Hoping for 80 pounds minimum. I'd like 100.
Sidenote--Any suggestions on diets and whatnot to lose weight--greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
2. Blog 6 out of 7 days a week. AT LEAST!
3. Try to not be so scheduled. Spontaneity is going to be what I'm going to strive for. We've found out in the past few weeks, that having every spare minute of EVERY day planned to just about the second, is NOT fun.
4. When Josh is on deployment, be patient, work on a new hobby, spend time with wives/girlfriends/fiances/husbands/boyfriends of deployed soldiers and sailors, and send care packages once to twice a month and for all major holidays.
5. FIND A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!


Tammi said...

When I went vegetarian I dropped a decent amount of weight within 6 months. I don't own a scale so I can't tell you more than the fact I went down 2 sizes. I went down even farther after becoming vegan.

A sure fire way to lose weight and keep it off long term: Cut back on meat and dairy (don't have to cut it out completely but you would have more benefits if you do), eat more veggies and fruit (fresh if possible), drink more water. Have home cooked meals as much as possible, limit fast food, junk snacks and prepackaged frozen dinners. Exercise.

Good luck with your goals!