Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Broken Bones, Lazy Days, Broken Promises

So yep, mom's leg is broken. No ifs and or buts to it. Stupid Patient First can't read an x-ray to save their lives. She went and got a temporary cast on it and will be going to see an orthopedic doctor on Thursday. She's been being dropped off at our apartment both yesterday and today so that she can have someone around to help her. Thank God we have a downstairs apartment. So I've been pretty much just staying around the house with my mom. Josh and I went out last night to try to sell the axle. That didn't happen. We went to the guy's house who we're storing the axle at's house. And the guy that wanted to buy it showed up and then decided that EVEN though the axle was exactly like Josh told him (aftermarket perches that are a little longer but are just tack welded to the axle and set up for spring over like for a Bronco II) that he didn't want to do that work to it. Josh handled it better than I thought he would. He was hoping on taking the money he got from the axle and take it up to Go Ho and have the radio installed in his truck this week since we just returned the other radio, speakers, and installation materials to Worst Buy (Best Buy). But obviously couldn't. We're waiting for NFCU to return the money to his account then we'll probably wait til payday and go get the radio installed (if Josh has midwatch that Saturday, if not no idea when we'll do it because I know I damn well am NOT riding around in the Jeep in 20 degree weather) so we can connect the satellite radio. I agree that we're getting a better deal. But at the same time, the only reason we went into Go Ho to begin with is because they had a sign outside that said Sony AM FM CD radio $119 installed. Instead, we're paying $139 plus parts for the radio and installation. I might deal with them a little more later. My dad said he got a radio installed there and when they said $139 installed, it was just $139 installed plus tax. So who knows. They probably are ripping Josh and I off. I'm just not willing to fight the battle. Lol!

All in all though, decent few days. Josh got off early yesterday and is working til 3 or 4 today. Then who knows what kind of stuff we're gonna get into tonight.